Blocks consolidation


Vacuum blocks consolidation


Almost all the blocks of marble and granite, produced in quarries, have often recorded large percentages of waste in the past due to the numerous defects present in natural stones.
Furthermore, the processing of the blocks has always been a security problem, both in the cycle of transformation of the block in sheets, and in the processing of the latter.

It is clear that the transformation into slabs of the blocks can be dangerous, due to the possible collapse of the block, and expensive, depending on the type of defect present. In many cases, then, damage to people and processing machinery has occurred.

In 2004, technological progress based on research and the use of the most innovative consolidation materials allowed the creation of a block resin system, cutting-edge and resolutive in stone restoration.

It is thanks to Mr. Walter Bonelli, in collaboration with Mr. Enrico Mainoldi, the invention of a patented system (patent number: EP 1718454) through which the damaged blocks are completely rehabilitated.

The proposed reinforcement process uses vacuum technology, associated with the use of the most advanced materials currently on the market (epoxy resins, composite fibers, etc.), in addition to the application of an effective draining layer.

Thanks to the vacuum, in fact, the resin penetrates deeper into the thin cracks of the stone, eliminating the air bubbles and thus ensuring the restoration, also preventing any infiltration of moisture.

There is currently no block resin system on the market like the one offered by BW SERVICE, able to guarantee maximum cohesion of the material and to obtain, during sawing, all the possible sheets, in perfect condition.

In addition to guaranteeing innovation and quality of service, our company is sure to offer maximum safety to your work staff and machinery.

The company and the patent holders are committed to guaranteeing full satisfaction and maximum protection of their customers, ensuring careful attention so that counterfeit products are not sold or marketed.

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