Higrometric Control System

The steady decline of materials in perfect condition in the field of marble and granite, made ‚Äč‚Äčindispensable the process of resin plates.

On the basis of this need, BW Service has developed a system for the optimization and improvement of this type of processing, patenting a technology of static drying in hot air circulation with control of air humidity, called Higrometric Control System (HCS). HCS is today the drying system, for sheets and / or strips of marble and granite, more rapid on the market.

This solution is designed for all laboratories that need to perform activities of high quality resin, with productions vary depending on customer needs and investment costs.

The HCS technology, thanks to the elimination of the automatic fraction of humidity inside the drying oven, allow to carry out the process with an energy cost of 50% less than the ovens Eject traditional fixed and also ensuring a faster and more effective penetration of the resin in each porosity of the slab.
In view of the excellent insulation that allows a low thermal dispersion, the energy consumption is minimized.

All kinds of our products are made of top quality material.

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